Pre winter storage: These boots were made for walking

Post Cleaning :)

Post Cleaning :)

In my last post I spoke about how to care for your sweaters before you store them for the season and this week is speaking about boots. I find boots to be a lot easier to manage than sweaters because you normally only have two or three types of materials used in the construction of the boot. You can have leather, synthetic leather, nylon and suede or a blend of all four materials. Leather and nylon boots can be cleaned in the same way to some extent whereas suede is a little bit more labour intensive.

Suede Boots

  1. I recommend using lukewarm water and 1 to 3 drops of dish soap detergent.

  2. Then dip a rag or a cloth into the water (water and soap) and rub small circles into the boot.

  3. Once you no longer see the white marks from the salt leave boots to air dry.

Leather Boots

  1. With the same solution dampen your cloth/rag. DO NOT SOAK WITH WATER, damp means it should be halfway to dry.

  2. Lightly wipe the boot down, do not leave the rag resting on boot.

  3. There shouldn’t be any excess water on the boot once you’ve wiped down the boot, take a dry cloth/rag and wipe away any excess water.

Mixed Material & Pleather - I would repeat the steps for the Suede boots but use the last step in the leather boots.

See my video below, on how to clean your boots. FYI if you are given specific directions on how to care for your boots please follow those directions.

I’ve had the leather boots for over 10 years and the Uggs for the last 3 years.

Sweaters and the tale of fabrics: bye-bye winter sweaters

I touched on the transitioning between winter and spring clothing this week on instagram this week. Before you start being productive and packing your things away we need to start with cleaning these items first. To preserve your clothing you want to clean them prior to packing them away. When deodorant, sweat, stains, etc. linger on your clothing and sweaters in particular they damage the fabric itself and can lead to holes, thinning, and discolouration.

Sweaters and the tale of fabrics

Wool - is notorious for shrinking whether it be 20% or 100% of the makeup of your sweater. I would advise you Dry clean any wool sweater that you love. Even on gentle/delicates cycle you run the risk that it shrinks a little bit.

Cashmere - no argument if it is a 100% cashmere sweater definitely dry clean if you want it last you for a long time. If the sweater is a cashmere and cotton blend (20% Cashmere and 80% cotton) I would advise you to wash it in the gentle/delicates cycle. Regardless of the blend definitely line dry.

photo by: Dan Gold

photo by: Dan Gold

Merino Wool - this can be washed in the gentle/delicates cycle unless the tag says otherwise. There are merino wool pullovers sold by athletic brands that may allow you to wash in the regular cycle. When in doubt gentle/delicates cycle and hang dry

Cotton - this really varies based on the company, read the tag. If you’ve cut out the tag I would wash as regular and cold water, and tumble dry. If you want to be extra cautious line dry.

Blends - polyester, acrylic, etc. honestly always wash cold and tumble dry low.  (I would say you should stay away from blends but we can talk about this another time.

When in doubt, hand wash or machine wash on delicates and line dry.

Also here is a guide to some of the images you’ll find on your clothing tags:

Clothing tag icon legend (this is not exhaustive).

Clothing tag icon legend (this is not exhaustive).