My skin is thirsty


Toronto weather has really thrown us for a loop this year it felt like January for 3 months. Of course the weather change means that my body lotion/crème needs to be changed too. I'm currently using Aesop  Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm as well as their Breathless Body Oil to keep me hydrated in this in-between weather situation (not hot but not cold enough to bust out the shea butter)...are they any body butters/lotions/crèmes that y’all are using?




*key tip - when applying body oil or lotion make sure you do it right after the shower with your skin slightly wet, do not completely dry off. This way the product really locks in moisture and doesn't just sit on top of your skin.

DIY Body Oil for winter time

I am a huge fan of body oils in the summertime as they are lightweight and hydrating without you feeling oily. This summer and fall I used 3 types of body oil, plain Almond Oil , Mint Apothecary Shimmer + Glow Body oil (which gives you an amber shimmer) and Aesop Body Oil.  The idea of using an oil in the winter was a little perplexing. To make it worst I haven’t been able to find a body cream that hydrates me and doesn’t sit on top of my skin. 

While listening to one of my favourite beauty podcasts - The Naked Beauty Podcast the host Brooke Devard suggested using a DIY body oil for the winter as well as a cream if you’re still feeling dry. I decided to give it a try and it has been amazing!

My DIY body oil is:


●      ¼  Castor oil

●      ¼  Vegetable Glycerin

●      ½  Almond Oil

●      10 drops of grapefruit oil for scent

How I use my DIY Body Oil?

●      After showering do not towel dry!

●      I rub my DIY body oil all over my body and lightly towel off any excess water.

●      Then I use a body cream (I’m currently using the shea butter cream from The Body Shop) on my extra dry spots - elbows and feet.

Once I’m finished I throw on my robe and start on my face routine, makeup, hair, etc.By the time I’m ready to put on my clothes the body oil has been soaked into my skin and my body is ready to brave the winter :)