Yateh Larchie creator of YATEHLIKELATTE Inc. is a Stylist who resides in Toronto, Canada.

With a keen eye for fit and incorporating style trends, she has been able to create a unique style that is effortless and classy. With this knowledge she has created a technique that enables others to reach their full style potential. Having worked in finance for over 10 years, Yateh created a corporate style that is impactful and fun which blends into her wider wardrobe  creating versatile looks that will take you from the boardroom to happy hour and from errands to brunch.Yateh can help you look your best for an interview, create a style guide for a week long conference, set a stylish tone for a memorable vacation, and more.

She provides you with the tools your need to look and feel like your best self. Get your wardrobe updated for the upcoming season to incorporate your favourite trends (who can live without their Converse?!?!?). Elevate your current favs with key styling tips. Get comfortable with layering, colour, and accessories to level up your wardrobe. Learn about fit and size to perfect your amazing looks. Virtual look books and a monthly fashion trend subscription will keep you up-to-date and fly. This innovative approach to style provides access to styling guides and tips for those on the go.  

A wise person once said, “Sweatpants but make it FASHUN”!